Corey Lepak

Field Superintendent- Madison 

Key Responsibilities

I manage manpower, handle safety measures, oversee the daily operations, pre-planning, scheduling, motivate our employees, focus on maintaining productivity, and loss prevention

Work Philosophy

My goal is to deliver unsurpassed service to our customers without compromise.

What Lead Me Into The Construction Indusrty

I’m the 4th generation of studs and drywall in my family.

Its very cliché but the saying goes “I didn’t pick this path it picked me.” While I was at UW-Whitewater my Grandfather made me an off I couldn’t refuse that lead me back to the family business. It wasn’t until I found Common Links where I was given the opportunity to really take it to the next level. I can proudly say in 20 years of doing studs and drywall I have only worked for 2 companies.